Hawaii Airports by Island – Plus Islands Map

Hawaii Airports Map

Hawaii Airports Map

Each red dot on the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation indicates an airport location.  We have included the descriptions below for your convenience.  Airports are arraigned by Island (Starting with the Big Island Hawaii and working right to left up towards Kauai) then alphabetically.

Each red dot on the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Map indicates an airport. Red dots indicate airport locations.  We have included the descriptions below for your convenience.  Airports are arraigned by Island (Starting with the Big Island Hawaii and working right to left up towards Kauai) then alphabetically.

Airport Code – Name – Island

  • ITO     Hilo International    Big Island
  • MUE     Waimea Kohala         Big Island
  • KOA     Kona International    Big Island
  • HNM     Hana                  Maui
  • OGG     Kahului               Maui
  • JHM     Kaplua                Maui
  • LNY     Lanai                 Lanai
  • MKK     Molokai               olokai
  • HNL     Honolulu              Oahu
  • LIH     Lihue                 Kauai

Hilo International Airport (ITO)- Island:  Hawaii, Big Island

Known as General Lyman Field prior to1989, Hilo International Airport occupies 1,391 acres about two miles east of Hilo, on the eastern shore of the island of Hawaii. The airport’s primary runway (8-26) is 9,800 feet long and is used principally for air carrier operations. Crosswind Runway 3-21 is 5,600 feet long and is used mainly for general aviation operations. The passenger terminal complex, including commuter facilities, is at the southern edge of the airport and is served by an access roadway from Kekuanaoa Avenue, between the passenger terminal complex and the crosswind runway to the west. General aviation facilities are located along the eastern edge of the crosswind runway, also served by the terminal access roadway. A parking apron for transient military aircraft is provided at the western edge of the runway.

Waimea-Kohala Airport (MUE) – Island:  Hawaii, Big Island

Waimea-Kohala Airport occupies 90 acres on the island of Hawaii, one mile south of the town of Kamuela. The airport has a single runway, without taxiways and an aircraft parking apron at the west end of the runway serving the passenger terminal and general aviation facilities. No fueling or airport traffic control tower facilities are provided. An aircraft rescue and fire fighting facility shares space in the airport maintenance facility. Vehicular access to the terminal and other facilities is provided by a short connecting roadway extending from the Mamalahoa Highway. Modest enlargements for fixed-wing and helicopter hangars are being considered.

Kona International Airport @ Keahole (KOA) – Island:  Hawaii, Big Island

Kona International Airport at Keahole occupies 3,450 acres of land about seven miles northwest of Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawaii. The airport accommodates domestic overseas, international, interisland, commuter/air taxi, and general aviation activities. It has an 11,000-foot runway and a complex of facilities at the eastern edge of the airfield for arriving and departing passengers, air cargo and mail, airport support, and general aviation operations. These facilities are served by an access roadway extending from the Queen Kaahumanu Highway. At the passenger terminals, the access roadway forms a one-way loop enclosing public parking and rental car check-in facilities. An additional complex of facilities, used primarily by rental car agencies for returns, general maintenance, and storage is located along the airport access roadway, midway between the passenger terminals and the highway. General aviation, cargo, and related facilities are located to the south of the passenger terminals and the access roadway.

Upolu Airport (UPP) – Island: Hawaii, Big Island

Upolu Airport is at the northern tip of the island of Hawaii, three miles from the town of Hawi. This general aviation airport has a single runway (without taxiways) and two aircraft parking areas south of the runway. The east parking area support passenger terminal operations and the west parking area provides tie down facilities for general aviation aircraft. The airport does not have a control tower, aircraft rescue and fire fighting facilities, or discrete air cargo facilities. Access to the airport is provided by a one-lane roadway off of Akoni Pule Highway. No significant near-term improvements are planned. In the long term, if traffic increases, the State envisions building a parallel taxiway south of the runway, and to move the existing terminal facilities farther from the runway to provide improved clearances and additional aircraft parking.

Hana Airport (HNM) – Island: Maui

Hana Airport supports commuter, unscheduled air taxi, and general aviation activities on a 119-acre site on the east shore of Maui, about three miles northwest of the town of Hana. The single runway serves the passenger terminal and general aviation and airport support facilities south of the runways. Vehicular access to the airport from Hana Highway is provided by Alalele Place. Future improvements contemplated include a taxiway paralleling the runway, widening of the access road, and expansion of the passenger terminal and parking facilities. These facilities will be pursued as air traffic increases.

Kahului Airport (OGG) – Island:Maui

Kahului Airport is located on the northern edge of the land bridge between Haleakala and the West Maui Mountain Range on the island of Maui. The airport occupies 1,391 acres of land and is located three miles east of the town of Kahului. The airport has two intersecting runways and full of air carrier facilities for domestic overseas and interisland commercial service. Kahului Airport provides commuter/air taxi and general aviation operations, including helicopter operations in separate locations. Vehicular access to the passenger terminal, commuter/air taxi, cargo, scenic tour operators, general aviation facilities and airport support facilities is via a roadway network that connects to the Haleakala and/or Hana Highways.

Kapalua Airport (JHM) – Island: Maui

The Kapalua Airport is a commercial service airport that is served by commercial propeller air carriers and commuter/air taxi aircraft only. This facility started as a private facility until its acquisition by the State. The facility consists of a single runway, terminal facilities, and support facilities. There are no air cargo facilities at this airport. Access to this airport is provided from a two-lane road off of Honoapiilani Highway. Improvements to this airport are limited to certain upgrades only. The runway, apron and other facilities cannot be expanded without changes to the existing agreement with the County of Maui. Operations are limited to daytime hours only.

Lanai Airport (LNY) – Island: Lanai

Lanai Airport occupies 505 acres about three miles southwest of Lanai City on the island of Lanai. The airport has a single runway and primarily serves scheduled interisland and commuter/air taxi traffic, with some unscheduled charter and general aviation activity. A new passenger terminal complex was recently constructed to replace the aging facilities. The new complex includes improved roadway access, parking, and rental car facilities, as well as new cargo and airport support facilities. The runway is proposed to be extended in the future to permit use by jet aircraft without payload restriction. The existing airport access roadway from Kaumalaupau Highway will continue to serve as the primary access route from Lanai City.

Kalaupapa Airport (LUP) – Island:  Molokai

Kalaupapa Airport occupies 55 acres on the northern peninsula of Molokai, two miles north of the Kalaupapa community. The airport serves commuter/air taxi operations and some air cargo operations. Facilities at the airport include a single runway, a small passenger terminal, and airport support areas. The airport does not have a control tower. To comply with the wishes of the community and to minimize disturbance to the surrounding national park, no significant improvements are currently planned.

Molokai Airport (MKK) – Island: Molokai

Molokai Airport occupies 288 acres on the central platea of the island of Molokai. The airport has two runways that accommodate commuter/air taxi and general aviation activities, as well as some military flights. The passenger terminal complex and general aviation facilities are north of the runway intersection; the passenger terminal complex is near the principal runway and the general aviation facilities are near the crosswind runway. Vehicular access to these two areas is provided by separate access roadways, each connecting with Keonelele Avenue. Existing facilities are generally adequate to meet foreseeable demand; therefore, there are no plans for significant improvements except those commensurate with increases in demand. However, if demand were to increase dramatically as a result of tourism or other influences, both the existing runway and passenger terminal facilities would need to be expanded significantly.

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) – Island:  Oahu

Honolulu International Airport is the major aviation gateway for the State of Hawaii. It is the primary hub for domestic overseas and interisland flights and is currently one of three State airports accommodating international flights. Honolulu International also functions as a joint military-civilian airport sharing airfield facilities with Hickam Air Force Base.

The Airport occupies 2,216 acres of land and 2,210 acres of water about three miles west of Downtown Honolulu, and seven miles from Waikiki. The airfield consists of two parallel east-west runways, two parallel crosswind runways, associated taxiways and navigational aids. Facilities include a complex of general aviation, air cargo, and airport support facilities at the south Ramp near Ke’ehi Lagoon and the passenger terminal complex at the North Ramp. A complex of maintenance and air cargo facilities, principally for the interisland airlines, is located west of the terminal complex.

In ancient times, Oahu was called the ‘gathering place’. Voyaging canoes from all other islands would meet on Oahu’s shores. Today Oahu is again the ‘gathering place’ that includes visitors from around the world. The voyaging concept, therefore, is particularly appropriate as a metaphor for travel in the Honolulu International Airport, the major airport of entry and departure for the Hawaiian Islands. It provides a link between the travel of the early Hawaiians and the visitor today.

Kalaeloa Airport (JRF) – Island:Oahu

Kalaeloa Airport, formerly Naval Air Station, Barbers Point, is a general aviation facility that uses 750 acres of the former Naval facility. The State operates the three runways at the airport, the control tower and support facilities. General aviation facilities on the South Ramp of Honolulu International Airport (HNL) will be relocated to this facility. In addition, space will be made available to fixed base operators at Kalaeloa Airport.

Dillingham Airfield (HDA) – Island:  Oahu

Dillingham Airfield is a general aviation joint-use facility on the north shore of Oahu near the community of Waialua. The airfield has one runway, a State-operated control tower, several hangars, and a tie down area for recreation aircraft, but no other facilities. Air traffic is limited to daytime operations by small single-engine and  light twin-engine aircraft, sailplanes, ultra-lights aircraft, and helicopters. Traditionally, the airfield has been used mainly for recreation, such as glider soaring, hang-gliding, parachuting, and sky jumping. No major facility improvements are planned.

Lihue Airport (LIH) – Island:Kauai

Lihue Airport occupies 872 acres about 1.5 miles east of Lihue, on the southeast coast of the island of Kauai. The airport provides passenger and aircraft facilities for domestic overseas carriers, interisland carriers, commuter/air taxi, air cargo, and general aviation activities. Airfield facilities include two runways (6,500′ x 150′), taxiways, aprons, eight (8) gates, navigational aids (ILS, VORTAC, DME and PAPI/VASI), airport traffic control tower, and helipads. Vehicular access to the airport is provided by Ahukini Road, which extend from Kapule Highway. The passenger terminal is served by a one-way loop roadway branching off Ahukini Road and encircling a public parking lot. The remaining facilities are served directly by Ahukini Road.

Port Allen Airport (PAK) – Island:  Kauai

Port Allen Airport occupies 180 acres one mile southwest of the town on Hanapepe on the south shore of Kauai. This general aviation airport has a single runway, separate parking areas for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and a public parking area. There are no other public facilities at the airport. Access to the airport is provided by Kaalani Road, which connects the airport with Lolokai Road and Highway 50. The principal planned improvements are the development of helicopter lease lots to the eastern end of the airport, construction of public comfort stations, and minor roadway improvements.

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